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2012 was a year of many blessings for the Mizpah Ministry.  In the midst of all the economic and morale devalue, the ministry has grown to win more souls.  We have stepped into new states of India like Andhra Pradesh and Assam.  God willing, in 2013 will be moving into Bihar and other states.  All these happened due to the whole hearted support of each one of you through your prayers and financial support.

As we were praying and preparing, a special meeting was conducted at the Mizpah Center on December 4 and 5.  Pastor N. Peter from Jehova Nissi Assembly of God in Parasala, Kerala (they have more than 7000 members in the church) ministered.  Pastor Peter taught the Pastors of Mizpah and from the local churches together with the Rhema Bible College students how to be a ‘soul winner’ and stewards of the ‘calling of God.’  In each morning session about 200 people joined.

In the evening, was the ministry of the Word of God.  Hundreds of people attended both nights.  The feedback of these meetings says that these were one of the best meetings we held in the campus.  Attendees are empowered to move forward with the passion.

The total budget was only Rs. 55,000 ($1000) which was sponsored by one of our well-wishers.

Mizpah Church:

The Church of God in India is alive! New people are adding to the Kingdom of God according to the monthly reports we receive.  In the month of November, Mizpah went through a difficult time as one of our Pastors and leaders, Pastor Lukka was beaten up by some young men for the cause of spreading the Gospel in the area.  He was hospitalized for few days and now slowly recovering.  Please pray for the physical healing of Lukka and a spiritual healing in the area.  Also, pray that those who were involved will be met by the Savior and they will give their hearts to Jesus Christ.

We have started a new church at KOZHINJAMPARA which is the nearby city of Mizpah center.  Our focus is to start an evening Malayalam and English worship in the area which has many professional people.

One of our church buildings at Karanpara had the roof top built by coconut leaves.  We were thatching with new leaves yearly.  However; the roof all got damaged and was affecting the building structure due to heavy rain.  Now we are putting a new steel and asbestos roof which cost $1000.  If the Lord inspire, please help us to meet the need.

Rhema Bible College:

We have a total of 109 students in the campus and other 3 extension areas.  Their semester exams were conducted concurrently.  The students are involved in Gospel works in the areas they belong to.  Our campus students visited more than 120 houses spreading the Good News of the birth of Christ, distributing Gospel tracts.  The reception from the locals was high.  On December 21st, we will be conducting a special Christmas program in the campus followed by a luncheon.  This event is sponsored by one of the local Christians in the area.

Mizpah Mercy Home:

Our mercy home was inspected by the Orphanage Control Board which is governed by the State of Kerala in the month of November.  They were very appreciative of the infrastructure, health and hygiene of our children. Our application to increase the capacity to 50 children was approved.  We will be hosting more children in the campus from 2013 April.

Our mercy home children and their leadership attended a 3 days retreat hosted by the Child Evangelism Fellowship.  This retreat created a new character formation.

Mizpah English Medium School:

We have conducted a one day tour to the Fantasy Park in Malampuzha which was a great entertainment and learning for our students.  We have conducted two days of sports events in the campus too.  Our students are growing in the English proficiency together with other academic and extracurricular dynamics.

As we are approaching a new year, there will be new challenges in both administration and missions of the ministry.  With the fervent prayers and continued support of each one of you, we will step new ladder and thereby the Kingdom of God will expand.  All signs again remind that the time is short for our Redeemer to return.  Shall we do more to add more to HIS Kingdom quickly?

We take this time to express our gratitude for your prayers and support in all these years.  May the Lord of Provision, Healing bless you in every walk of your lives.

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