Our Ministries

Disaster Relief

The Mizpah “ministry of compassion” stretches a helping hand toward people affected by natural catastrophes – flood, famine, earthquakes, etc.

Health Awareness Programs

The use of drugs and alcohol has become a plague in the society. These addictions are leading to the untimely death of the young and the old alike. Family units are broken up and suicides are common in the region.

To fulfill the plan of God, we try to create awareness among the people against the usage of drugs and alcohol. Camps and seminars are used as the medium to propagate this message.

Environmental Protection

On national holidays, all the members of Mizpah Centre jointly participate in social services by cleaning the city, clearing the debris in bushes by the roadsides.

Medical Camps

Free medical camps are held frequently for people in surrounding areas. Nearby hospitals and specialized medical teams have provided medical expertise at these camps. Missionaries with medical experience have also partook in our efforts.

Since 2006, we have been able to minister to 5,000 people through free medical consultations and medicines. We have even been able to send people in need of eye operations to a top-notch eye hospital nearby for free.

Social Services

Jesus gave us a perfect model of love and compasion toward the people around Him by meeting their needs. We have a variety of services that we do to express our compassion to the communities around us.

Tailoring School

In a patriarchal society, where the woman is commonly downtrodden and looked down on by men, Mizpah seeks to empower women of the poor sectors of the society by equipping them with basic tailoring skills and also a sense of self-confidence in their ability to compete in the economic world. The Mizpah Tailoring School has been set up with this vision in mind.

The course lasts for a year and specializes in tailoring women’s clothing. School fees are mostly covered by donations toward the tailoring school, but the students pay a small percentage. Upon graduation from the course, the students are certified and are given a free sewing machine to help start their own business.

We have three locations for our tailoring school. Around 20 students take the course every year.

Computer Training School

The computer training school is a course toward the degree of Diploma in Computer Applications. The long-term course runs for ten months and covers the Microsoft Office suite, DTP, Visual Basic and the workings of the Internet. Students who have completed past the tenth grade can enroll in this program.

We also offer a short-term summer program to prepare students who are possibly entering the IT world.

Church Planting

We love reaching India for Christ and we love reaching people right where they are. We have over 60 churches across the Trivandrum, Idukki and Palakkad districts of Kerala and the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. We want to continue to spread the Gospel across India. Many of our congregations have no other transportation other than their own feet, so we bring church to many of the villages surrounding our campus. Our pastors are wonderful and caring people who will often make treks more than hour into hard-to-reach villages just to bless their parishioners. Most of our churches have a building of some sort, but we constantly plant new churches and are always looking to develop and reach out even further than we can imagine.

Mizpah English Medium School

We started Mizpah English Medium School (MEMS) to serve our community over the past year. This year, we have over thirty students enrolled in Play School (preschool), LKG (lower kindergarten), UKG (upper kindergarten), and first grade.

It’s been our vision for quite some time to provide our surrounding communities with great education. We’re looking to build a residential school with computer and science labs and other modern equipment. We’re looking for at least seven acres of land for around $150,000 and the building of a facility that will be around $250,000. Through this investment, the school will be able to generate an income for Mizpah in the future.

Rhema Bible College

Rhema Bible College serves to educate future ministers of the Gospel through the Diploma of Theology, Bachelor of Theology, and Masters of Divinity programs. Students come to our campus from all over India.

Rhema is accredited by the International Association for Theological Accreditation and is a member of the Asia Theological Agency.

We are proud to offer our students extensive research resources with around 5,000 books in our library. This is the only theological library in the district of Palakkad and is available to any theological student seeking to refer to works by profound theological authors.

Students attend chapel services that allow them to grow in worship and in practice of the knowledge acquired in classes. The students also participate in church ministry through our many church plants.

Both the M.Div and B.Th programs are in English. The M.Div program is a two-year program. The B.Th program lasts three years. The D.Th goes for two years and is a Tamil-based program.