Mizpah Update June 2013


We conducted a Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Mizpah campus on the27th, 28th & 29th of May 2013 and more than 150 children attended from our neighboring areas of Mizpah. Among the children a good number were non-Christians. All the participants were given special gift as a token of appreciation for their participation.

The construction of compound wall behind Rhema Bible College building is in progress. Grace, a¬† 54 year woman, and wife of William Vasikaran, presently living in Coimbatore attended a worship¬† service at Kozhinjampara. She had cancer on her throat and the Doctors could not operate to remove the large tumor. She had difficulty swallowing anything including even liquids due to the tumor and excruciating pain. As she was attending the service, the congregants in the leadership of Pastor Xavior sensed the need of prayers. Everyone in unity prayed for the Lord’s divine hand upon her and miraculously the tumor disappeared and now she has no pain. The Oncologist is in dismay of this miracle. Every Friday evening there is a gathering at her home and by believers from the neighborhood regularly attend.

Pastor Xavior conducts other cell groups in few other villages on Wednesdays and Sundays. A two day convention was conducted in Mizpah Prayer Church Walayar on 5th and 6th of June for the 5th anniversary of the church. Many people were blessed with the ministry of Pastor Vasanth Sathyanathan of Coimbatore who delivered the Gospel on those nights.


The Bible College was opened on June 10th after the summer vacation. Now we have 42 students in the campus preparing for the ministry of their future. We conducted an orientation from the 10th through 12th and two days of Spiritual Emphasis program on 13th and 14th. Pastor Vasanth Sathyanathan inspired the students and the faculties during those sections. Some of the Mizpah Pastors also attended those meetings. As our student body has increased and the girls and families are being admitted in the college, the need for more dormitories has increased. We are building additional housing for them outside the campus.


We have added 39 new students to the school, which makes the total 132 children, ranging now up to the 5th grade.


We have conducted a day of outing to Dream Land in Chalakudy which is an amusement park for all the boys on 15th May, 2013. The children enjoyed the trip and they were overwhelmed with the activities. All boys have been promoted to the new grade in the neighboring schools except the youngest boy; Surya, who is 4 years old, is admitted in our Mizpah English Medium School.


Ms. Susan Das, who is the tailoring instructor, is also encouraging all the students to memorize the scriptures. To motivate them, we have offered special gifts to those who will recite the most scriptures. There were 3 winners who were given very attractive gifts as the token for their best participation.


As the ministry is progressing and developing in its new phase, India is facing a huge inflation which means the cost of living is increasing. All the commodities are escalating in its price. Boys in the mercy home are growing and their needs are increasing. Mizpah is planting churches in the new villages and states. We had to raise the salary for all the teachers in both Bible College and School as well as all the staff to compensate with the cost of living increase.

All these costs mean more support is needed. It has all happened thus far with the heartfelt support of each one of you. May I humbly request you to remember this ministry and its needs in your prayers and continue to support us financially.

In HIS Grip,

Pastor Roy Cheriyan

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